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Tammy Gaulter
is a local New Orleans artist. Her first experience with photography was in 1975 while helping her mother complete a survey for Polaroid cameras. The 60 second print development to view her picture was instant gratification. From that moment, Tammy’s love of photography began.
In 1984 Tammy worked as a portrait photographer in a local family portrait business photographing children, high school seniors and families. In 1995 she went out on her own to start her own part time photography business while raising her two children.
In January 2006, post Katrina, she began photographing the city and its historic attractions. Her particular interest favored the “Cities of the Dead”.
Tammy’s new collection of work has incorporated acrylic paint with her photos transferred to reclaimed wood.
Through her work, she hopes the world
can see the beauty of this
very unique and special city.

Her work can be found at the following location:
Dutch Alley Artists Co-op New Orleans, LA

[email protected]

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