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Over 95 million cubic yards of debris was accumulated from Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Mississippi. You could fill the Superdome 20 times with the debris.
My art starts with the wood I have rescued from the homes that are rebuilding or renovating. I adhere one of my photographs to the reclaimed wood and I give it an antique look or I will extend out the background of the photo with acrylic paints.
These pieces of art are just a sampling of my photo art.
If you are interested in purchasing please contact me at [email protected]. Price varies to size and application. I can give you more information based on your request. The photo art is not limited to the samples shown here.
New Orleans Street CarNew Orleans Street car 2New Orleans Street car 30x50New Orleans Street Car 19x29French Quarter CourtyardSt. Louis Cathedral Light postConstant Vigil photo artAngel of the Lord photo artWeeping antiqued photo artAngel of New Orleans photo artPreservation Hall/Wall photo artPreservation Hall / Wall #2 photo artPreservation HallSecret Garden photo artNew Orleans Steps photo artAngels Among Us photo artBlessed photo artCemeteryConfessions photo artCross photo art